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Flow Your Purpose


Signal 10 / 2021-03-11

With Corona putting a damper on live concerts, Mika decided to flow his creative energy over to a different discipline. If your main line of business is shut down by the virus, find ways in which to express your expertise anyhow to power through the pandemic and subsequent economic crisis. Find traditions from The World Before that aren’t working anymore and see how you can change them to fit The World After.

MIKA, the Lebanese born pop singer, literally gave more colour to a city hit by the corona pandemic in his new art project. Walking around Paris he noticed billboards and posters announcing movies that no one could see, and shows that were cancelled. The posters no longer had their purpose, so he decided to give them a new one. In collaboration with 10 local artists, chosen with the help of his sister and the Museum of Decorative Arts, MIKA revived a long standing tradition of artistic posters being shown at the Belle Epoque in Paris. The ten original artworks will be spread over 2000 billboards throughout Paris in the coming 4 weeks.

Image credits: @mikainstagram

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