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Accepting Digital Space

Future Report 017, 2022-04-26

Digital Space, General, Fashion

The younger generation has always seen digital fashion and cosmetics as a normal part of their life, particularly those who grew up with video games. It’s completely normal to create a persona, or an avatar, in online games and determine what that person looks like, what they wear, their hairstyle, and cosmetics. World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, all these games are not about fashion or cosmetics but still allow the gamer to change their appearance as a totally normal thing to do.

This generation sees digital fashion and digital cosmetics in the metaverse as something natural and logical.

Our physical appearance has of course been changed too. Foot binding in China, corsets in Europe and the U.S., neck extensions in Africa and more recently braces, diets, plastic surgery, and botox.

The older generation may have more trouble accepting, as they have not had the same video game experiences. However, even if we look back in time, it has always been normal to alter our appearance beyond our physical body. From paintings to editing photos, now with photoshop and even live filters. Online cosmetics and fashion for our avatars is next in this list.

Instagram Filter vs Physical photo colouring

Left Kilian Marie Vos right traditional costume Zealand The Netherlands

Digital Fashion versus traditional painting

Left Alterationspace Right ‘Portrait of a Woman’ by Nicolaes Eliasz Pickenoy, 16

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