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Balance of work and personal life

Future Report 028, 2022-07-12

Living, General

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Online working has given people the opportunity to work in all kinds of beautiful locations. Summer spots, beaches, holiday resorts, and gardens. Nature is all around and people are relaxed as a result. Many of these places are far more connected to nature than traditional offices. Within these beautiful locations, people are starting to question what they are doing in life, how they are spending their time.

Employees are tasting the beauty of nature, the freedom, the relaxation. They are comparing this to their time in the office, the big urban office, the cubicles, four walls all around you, and floors full of people who are stressed. Everyone just got out of a traffic jam or stepped out of a crowded and smelly subway.

Employees are valuing a free life full of beautiful nature and a relaxed feeling. They are realising an office is the opposite of this.

The younger generation

We especially see this in the young generation, who are not only focussed on their careers, but are willing to put in 12 hour workdays to achieve great things. They have a different mindset to the older generation. They want to earn money, of course, but with the goal of achieving a beautiful life. They are not looking for a career in the traditional sense, but looking at ways to make money. They are looking for multiple sources of incoming, investing in stock, NFTs, starting businesses, and investing in businesses too. The proportion of time they are willing to spend on this is constantly changing. The focus is on a nice life, with beautiful moments. This life can not exist when spending hours in an office in the city.

This change is of course very relevant for businesses. There are multiple solutions to this. Focus on these changes and become alert enough to find creative solutions to create a work environment that continues to attract employees and motivate people to join your business.

One solution is to create a work environment that meets the requirements of online workers. Open a second ‘office’, on the beach for the summer, or a forest lodge with a fire place during winter. Create an attractive spot to work from, and offer this to your employees so they don’t have to seek out these locations by themselves. Offer your employees joy in life, and they will stay loyal to you.

Your second ‘office' in the summer times

Image Credits: @tulumnoordwijk

Your second ‘office' in the summer and winter times.

Image credits: Anna House Design by Caspar Schools

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