Balenciaga X Fortnite

Signal 037, 2022-09-15

Fashion, digital space

The collaboration of Balenciaga X Fortnite is an example of Fashion X Gaming that resulted in a new collection of digital skins, digital avatars, and physical clothing. The world of Balenciaga and the world of Fortnite bleed together from virtual to physical.

This collaboration is a piece of Metaverse history from September 2021 but it’s important to see and understand how and why it happened. It’s a very soft and risk-free collaboration that doesn’t add anything in the physical and digital world. It feels to us like a try-out.

For Balenciaga it’s all about the experience of working in a digital collaboration setting, what works and what doesn’t. It shows they are working towards more digital outings in the future. For Fortnite it means stepping outside of the digital boundaries and especially stepping outside of their typical market.

The Avatar Doggo Image Credits Balenciaga X Fortnite

The Digital Collection Image credits Balenciaga X Fortnite

The Physical Collection Image credits Balenciaga X Fortnite