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Buy Local Suppliers

Signal 025, 2022-06-23

Sustainable, cosmetics, food

Lancôme and CHANEL are fighting to purchase rosefields in Grasse, France. A dispute that signals local ingredients are continuing to be valued in the perfume business. It also shows how the insecurity in the material supply chains is pushing manufacturers to take matters into their own hands. They are directly purchasing the material and supply chain to run it themselves.

This could of course also apply to things other than cosmetics, especially the food industry. Dairy companies would make a smart business choice buying dairy farms directly. Oatmilk manufacturers could start buying oat fields.

See our earlier Reports and Signals from 2020 where we forecasted this future trend of Local Ingredients.

Future Report Local Perfume in July of 2020 explores this theme and the next step towards possibilities and new concepts.

Signal Local Local Local August of 2020

Image Credits Unknown

Image Credits Unknown

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