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Signal 38 / 2021 - 09 - 22

Capes: an item that is coming up, and can be worn in many different ways.

They can be opened or closed.

Open it to be more like a jacket or poncho.

Close it to be more like a dress or a kaftan.

We will see capes as a coat for day and evening wear.


It’s great for winter as it keeps you nice and warm, and can replace the need for a thick jumper or scarf. In summers, a thin cape is almost like a kaftan.


It can be closed, or opened to wear a bikini or shorts underneath.

@LadyGaga in @MaisonValentino by @pppiccioli02

Image Credits 01 @LadyGaga in @MaisonValentino by @pppiccioli02 02 @MaisonValentino by @pppiccioli 03 Lil Nas X @lilnasx in @versace at the Met Gala, 04 @SharonStone in @ThomBrowne at the Met Gala

Image Credits @GildaAbrosio

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