Collabs: Physical Label X Digital Label

Report 038, 2022-09-20

Fashion, food, digital space

Entering the Metaverse

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In the case of physical labels we see many collaborations with strong and established parties within the digital space. It makes sense, a physical label that wants to expand their business to the digital space does not yet have the technical knowledge. They search for collaborations between digital labels that are well established and have the right knowledge both in the digital space and in the field of work of the physical label.

This form of collaboration will expand but also lead to business take-overs. Digital fashion labels are good investments for traditional and established physical fashion labels, as taking over a digital business can kickstart the digital adventure of a traditionally physical company.

The first products that flow from these collaborations are often visual, and share a likeness to the physical products that are familiar to the traditional companies. They are products to test the water, like with Nike x RTKFT (an NFT sneaker brand). Nike wants to explore this area without fully committing to it.

Image Credits Adidas X The Fabricant

Video Credits Nike X RTKFT

Video Credits Puma X The Fabricant

Image Credits H&M Fashion X DressX (competition)

We have seen a number of examples of Physical Label X Digital Brand, as listed below:

Timberland X The Fabricant

Puma X The Fabricant

Adidas X The Fabricant


Bershka X DressX

H&M Fashion X DressX (competition)