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Collabs Physical X Digital Game

Report 037, 2022-09-13

Fashion, Living, Digital Space

Partnerships between big games and clothing brands is how fashion labels are starting to make their first appearance in the digital space. They collaborate with big parties, who have their own bit of metaverse within gaming, a clientbase, and users who are used to the purchase of digital skins, wearables, and fashion. Game producers also have the technical experience necessary to create digital fashion. These game platforms are therefore the ideal platform to experiment on, run the first tryouts into digital fashion, a perfect start to the metaverse.

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These collaborations create a surprising market dynamic. Suddenly Balenciaga and Gucci are knocking on the doors of ‘nerdy’ gaming producers with a totally different market.

This is just the beginning of fashion in the metaverse. To gamers this is already a new normal: They are young and have grown up with the use of skins which are essentially digital fashion. Traditional fashion labels that do not go digital will become old fashioned and irrelevant to these people.


Gucci X Roblox See Signal 021

Balenciaga X Fortnite See Signal 037 Coming out this Thursday

Louis Vuitton X League of Legends

Burberry X Mythical Games See Signal 038 Coming next thursday

Tommy Hilfiger X Animal Crossing New Horizons

Tommy Hilfiger X Roblox

Image Credits: @Gucci X Roblox

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