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Colour explosion

Signal 029, 2022-07-21

Fashion, cosmetics

Happiness, freedom, joy, celebration.

This video is unlisted, and only visible to members of THE WORLD AFTER.

Video Credits: Left @fleurzwartkruis Image Right: @Aureta

Most people have been going through heavy, often very lonely times. Self reflection and empowerment come as a result of this. Many people are reborn into a new version of themselves. Old relationships and networks are broken up, while new friendships and networks are born. Despite the threat to the global economy, the climate, of lockdowns, and scarcity, we are celebrating life and living in the moment.

We can find a reflection of this in fashion. Bright colours are working better than ever before.

Video Credits: Left @young_emperors

Image Credits: 01 @fleurzwartkruis, 02 & 03: @Aureta, 04, 05 & 06 @Valentino Show Rome

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