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Dental Decoration

Signal 07


Fashion, Cosmetics

Dental decoration is up and coming. It has always been a niche way of decorating, and not accepted as ‘sophisticated’ by everyone. But now we see this trend, like many others, is coming up from the bottom instead of from the top (high end setting the example).

Looking deeper into the meaning of this trend we see an appreciation for face decoration, an interesting observation for the cosmetics industry.

Dental diamonds will literally add a sparkle to your smile.

Image Credits @attica.toothgem

Image Credits 01 @tooth.fairy_seoul 02 @tooth.fairy_seoul 03 @tooth.fairy_seoul 04 Unknown, 05 Unknown, 06 @attica.toothgem

Image Credits 01 unknown, 02 unknown, 03 unknown, 04 ms.menace, 05 Raven B , 06 Adreena, 07 unknown, 08 Marc Jacobs

Image credits 01 @tooth.fairy_seaoul 02 Unknown, 03 Unknown 04 @attica.toothgem 05 @attica.toothgem 06 Unknown

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