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Digital Fashion Houses

Signal 014, 2022-04-07

Fashion, Digital Space

The Fabricant @the_fab_ric_ant 86.3k followers

The digitalisation of society, accelerated by Corona, means we can no longer deny the coming of a Digital Space. Physical life and digital space will interplay together as one.

This Signal shows a current development, something we can observe as reality right now. The presence of digital fashion houses shows the seriousness of the upcoming digital space. Digital Fashion has its roots in video games, but has evolved to a part of the metaverse and the broader online world.

In this signal we give an overview of four of our favourite digital fashion houses.

1 The Fabricant @the_fab_ric_ant 86.3k followers

Founded in 2016. The Fabricant is a decentralised digital fashion house building the wardrobe of the metaverse via a co-creation platform The Fabricant Studio. ‘Always digital, never physical.’

2 Auroboros @auro.boro 17.5k followers

Auroboros is the metaverse native luxury fashion house, creating for both the physical and digital world. Founded by @aal.ssa and @paulavsello.

3 DressX @dressx 57k followers

DressX features 60 designers and more than 700 items on their website.

4 Republiqe @republiqe_clothing 10k followers

They call themselves: The world’s first fully digital luxury fast fashion label.

Fabricant @the_fab_ric_ant 86.3k followers

Fabricant @the_fab_ric_ant 86.3k followers

Auroboros @auro.boros 17.5k followers

DressX @dressx 57k followers

DressX @dressx 57k followers

DressX @dressx 57k followers

Republiqe @republiqe_clothing 10k followers

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