Digital world and physical world flow into each other

Signal 027, 2022-07-07

Digital Space

A space to play in the Nxt Museum in Amsterdam. It perfectly displays what happens when characters, music, noise, and colours arrive from a digital world into the physical world. A great example of how the digital world and physical world can flow into each other, and be a natural combination.

The Nxt Museum in Amsterdam is a new art media; A large scale, multi-sensory museum. They search for what’s possible beyond the fixed boundaries of the physical world and how shape-shifting between digital and physical worlds can take place. They show and question what is Nxt. For more information visit

Play by Oseanworld was commissioned by the Nxt Museum to create a space to play in, discover what happens when things arrive from the digital world into the physical world. It’s a prime example of the use of emerging technologies to broaden the sense of which medium belongs in ‘art’. @oseanworld