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DIY Fashion

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Report 29 / 2021-07-20

Selling finished products has been the only source of revenue for the fashion and cosmetics industry for the last century. We just entered The World After corona, where semi-finished products and DIY have come back. The consumer of The World After is ready for change.

DIY Fashion; changing, hacking, and retouching fashion is a new future trend that has been accelerated by the effects of corona. Corona lockdowns have created a key combination of factors that caused us to get creative with our clothing. We had more time, but limited shopping opportunities. A diminished social agenda meant social fashion trends were not dictated upon us, while at the same time less fashion shows and new collection launches meant the consumer was left in the dark. This combined with an already increasingly environmentally conscious consumer means fashion is now something that is reused, hacked, and personalised. A new appreciated fashion style, not connected to dictated trends.

Video credits: @deep.lyfallen

Video credits: @sorellecarelliabbigliamento, @iamtassanalaapey

Video credits: @claudyamoreira

Video credits: @tanya_teyla, @farriedasmit

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