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Exclusive Physical Meetings

Future Report 025, 2022-06-21

General, fashion, digital Space

Physical meetings will become unique and exclusive.

We’ve all experienced a switch from physical business meetings to online business meetings, like on Zoom, during the corona lockdowns. Meetings will be held in the Metaverse in the near future. It’s practical, efficient, requires no transport, which means no waste of time and money.

Physical meetings are becoming inefficient when compared to online meetings, which will make them exclusive. Real life business meetings in the physical world will become very exclusive, an experience for the happy few. It’s comparable to meeting a business relation casually on the weekend: Physical meetings will only take place between intimate business relations, where intimate personal contact adds to the quality of the meeting.

The result is that 1-on-1 real life moments will become more valuable, in every sense of the word. 1-on-1 real life consultancies will increase in price. Physical events will become very exclusive which means they go up in value. Simply because travel costs, venue costs, and organising costs all go down significantly in the Metaverse. This means that real life events or services can be promoted as such: Exclusive.

For the fashion industry this means clothing associated with business meetings will drop: Suits, professional clothing, things normally only worn during important business trips and meetings. It’s another movement sparked by corona that is now settling into normality in our new online lives.

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