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Exit Quantum Discount

Report 040, 2022-10-04

General, food, living

The old fashioned: 3 for 2 special. Soon to be a relic of the past. We live in a time of overconsumption. The quantum discount (X for >X special) directly stimulates overconsumption. It influences people to buy things they don’t actually need.

This is of course great for profit, but in a time where being environmentally friendly is crucial, it sends the wrong message. Quantum discounts will get the same negative image as Black Friday.

Exit Quantum Discounts: Get rid of the 3 for 2 specials, get rid of 1 plus 1. Think of a campaign that stimulates your image and the environmentally friendly mind of your consumer. Build your green identity and green image.

Thinking broadly, the alternatives to quantum discounts are pushing environmentally friendly products. Vegan on sale instead of meat, discounts for sports products instead of car products. Offers on walking and cycling vacations instead of planes to the Bahamas. Offer your customers with alternatives that are in demand: healthy, green, and without overconsumption.

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