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Face Masks Concepts for the Metaverse

Future Report 022, 2022-06-07

Cosmetics, Fashion, Digital Space

Face masks can be promoted inside of the metaverse. It may seem like an illogical or complicated step, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you have a metaverse mindset. It could be seen as a new way of advertising. This will be the future, so get used to it.

Physical face masks can be promoted by developing face mask concepts for the metaverse that reference physical face masks, or simply reference the face mask or cosmetic care brand.

Digital face masks can be anything as long as they radiate the brand’s identity. This could be done simply by displaying the logo or company colours, but the metaverse is an opportunity for impressive digital visuality. Use this to your advantage!

These visual references to face masks could be introduced in games that line up with the target demographic, or be sold as wearables inside the metaverse. Cooperation between digital fashion labels or NFT that come with physical privileges could be coupled to the buying and selling of limited edition physical masks.

Image Credits @visualatelier8

Image Credits @visualatelier8

Image Credits @visualatelier8

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