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Fading Faces

Signal 015, 2022-04-14

Fashion, Cosmetics, Digital Space

Image Credits Left and Right Made By Studio JQ

Fading Faces in the digital space, a logical step in the development because a digital avatar does not necessarily need a face. The first cars looked like horse carriages, but soon the designers realised a different machine meant a different design language. This will be true for the digital space, where faces first looked like our physical human faces, but soon the pioneers of the metaverse will realise the potential of different design solutions.

The head becomes a part of the avatar as a complete image. No longer is a face required or even expected on a head. In the images and videos we have selected, you see how faces are not necessary to portray avatars, and the increased creativity in designing avatars leads to refreshing results: A blur of fashion, cosmetics, and accessories.

The coming reports will focus on the results of this development and its resulting possibilities in digital fashion, cosmetics, and accessories. We will also explore the consequences of this digital development on the physical world.

A beautiful new development we are right in the middle of, allowing us to experience a great amount of refreshing creativity and visual inspiration. Not just the metaverse, but the physical world and the business world are in the midst of this transformation.

Image Credits Left The Fabricant Right Luke

Image Credits Visual Atelier 8

Image Credits Left and right NFT Rated Magazine

Image Credits Left and right NFT Rated Magazine

Image Credits Left Made By Studio JQ Right Visual Atelier 8

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