Fashion: Everything is possible

Future Report 027, 2022-07-05

Fashion, cosmetics

In a time with a lot of deep social changes and problems, people would probably forget the ‘superficial’ fashion trends.

We no longer see dictated half-yearly fashion trends. They are there, but also aren’t. There are no clear boundaries or seasons. Fashion is non-dictated. Everything is possible in fashion. The more personal style is applied, the more appreciated it is.

The triggers for this are:

  • Losing interest in fashion due to social events being cancelled.

  • Rhythm of new collections every half year is lost.

  • Inclusion: Everything is included and the extremes are adored.

  • Economic recession, an overall feeling of insecurity and fear.

  • Popular vintage, defined by an eclectic style of many different time periods

All together it’s all about mixing and matching of fashion: Everything is possible.

There is no defined sense of fashion at this point. The more you the better. We do see a more frumpy feeling coming over fashion simply because society is getting more frumpy in general at the moment.

Streetstyle Milano @thesartorialist