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Fashion Week SS21


Signal 026 / 2020-10-14

On - off- line shows with virtual people 01@balmain 02 @miumiu

We see all races and genders blurred together.

01 @miumiu on - offline 02 @chanel @gdragon_official

In the recent fashion shows, we saw a patchwork of different styles without a central identity. It reflects our current world, where there are intermittent periods of lockdowns, some people following the rules and others not so much. We also see an increasing gap between people who believe in corona and are anxious, and those who do not believe in it. We have a lot of different behavior at the extremes of the spectrum.

The Fashion Week SS21 reflects this, where some shows were offline and others online, or even with virtual people. We see all races and genders blurred together. There is a big marketing blur. The shows that really stuck were the ones that addressed the right moods and feelings, such as MiuMiu’s show. When the mood is properly addressed, in a realistic wearable context, the consumer will feel attached even when fashion is not the top priority of consumers right now.

Wearables by @miumiu

The right mood: @miumiu

Patchwork symbolic for SS21 @dolcegabbana SS21

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