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Forever Young

Signal 026, 2022-06-30

General, fashion, cosmetics.

Forever Young, the celebrities and the rich that use botox and plastic surgery to obtain an eternal youth. Nowadays this is so normalised that not using plastic surgery or botox basically means you are irrelevant, too old and abnormal to matter in the high end world.

But society has changed, we have started to accept a ‘perfect default’ and outcasts, from 3rd gender, to crooked teeth, and real visible age. All genders and all ethnicities are included now. And the young generation is growing up in this new age of inclusion. They grow up in the concept of ‘be as you are’, be your unique self. The consequence of this is that there is no reason to adapt your look to become visually younger than you are. Being old no longer means being an outcast.

Image Credits @wedworldmagazine

The image below, created in 2010 by Vogue Paris and directed by Carine Roitfeld, beautifully shows a mask of younger age applied to an older body. Twelve years ago this image was a surreal thing to see, but now it seems like the norm. In the near future this image will become a ridiculous symbol of the past.

Image credits: Vogue Paris 2010 Directed by Carine Roitfeld Rings Bulgari

Mario Sorrenti "Jeau de paumes "

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