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Gucci X Roblox

Signal 021, 2022-05-26

Digital Society, Fashion, Cosmetics.

In the upcoming Signals we will explore the collaborations of fashion and cosmetics labels that take place inside the metaverse.

The wearables once evolved from the gaming industry, where fashion (or skins) have been normal for years if not decades. In this Signal we look back on May of 2021 when a historic collaboration was made between Gucci and the game Roblox. Items in the game could be worn by the avatars, and could be bought and resold with Robux, an in-game currency. Prices could vary from 700 Robux ($ 8.75) to 27.000 Robux ($ 337,50).

The notable thing here is that a Gucci bag was sold on the Roblox Marketplace in June of 2021 for more than the price of the bag’s real world equivalent. The Gucci ‘Queen Bee Dionysus’ bag originally only cost 475 Robux, about 5 bucks, but due to limited sales it later sold for 350,000 Robux, or about 4,115 USD

Take an interesting look through the entire collection at

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