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Health as the standard

Future Report 013


Fashion, Cosmetics, Food

Health was a trend, but it is now becoming the standard.

Living an unhealthy life is almost like becoming an outcast. Drinking and smoking, eating unhealthy foods, not working out, people would wonder if you had lost your mind.

Everyone has realised that our body is connected to our mind. A healthy body interacts with your mind to keep you happy.

Healthy life and healthy attitude will be normalised. This means every product contributes. When a product fails to contribute to a healthy life, it is out. This applies to a wide array of products we use in daily life, from chemicals that harm us to products with an overabundance of sugar. Even clothing made from fabrics that are not optimal for your skin could become outcasted as silk and cotton prevail. Life is going back to the core: Health of the body and mind.

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