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Future Report 016, 2022-04-19

Digital Space, General, Fashion

Image Credits Video: Mitchel van Duuren : father of three, NFT trader, self-sufficient


The upswing of digital society and remote work is creating a countermovement, the awareness of our physical life and our health. It results in us living our physical lives more intensely than ever before. A hybrid work life has made us realise the only way to function properly in an online world is to take care of our physical bodies.

This coincides with a self-sufficiency movement Report 14 where more people are taking active steps to live their best physically and mentally healthy life in the countryside. Body and mind become one.

The unexpected result of a digital society means that physical life is pushed to an intenser and more aware level. A new balance.

Image Credits:

Mitchel van Duuren : father of three, nft trader self-sufficient



NFT Wereld News Podcast

by Mitchel van Duuren @Mitchelvduuren & Joël Pasaneaa @joelpasaneaa

Spotify Youtube (in Dutch)

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