Intermarket Collaborations

Future Report 029, 2022-07-19

Fashion, living, food

Label A X Label B, Market A X Market B, Physical A X Physical B

Recent examples of intermarket collaborations

Gucci X Adidas

Jaquemus X Nike

The North Face X Gucci

Adidas X Prada

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Image Credits Right Jacquemus X Nike

Collaboration, joined forces. Thé thing at the moment in the fashion industry. It is happening now and will continue into the coming years. This Report is part one of three, talking about all the interesting collaborations in different industries. Not just interesting for businesses, but also foundations and organisations.

Why collabs?

In 2017 we noticed a daring but great collaboration between Louis Vuitton and the American streetwear label Supreme. A smart and as it turned out successful action from Louis Vuitton, as they managed to create an appeal to the younger audience. The Corona lockdowns have faded borders between markets further than even this unexpected collab in 2017. As these borders between markets fade, collabs become ever more interesting.

The Trigger

We used to have clear and defined markets in fashion: Tradition, high end, business, sports, et cetera. Doing our own thing during the lockdown means these markets are jumbled up. Suddenly the businessman combined his sports coat with shorts and slippers, because only the top part of himself was visible during online meetings.

At the same time, fashion collections and social events halted. Society functioned as a mirror for fashion, and with this mirror gone, fashion became an unruly subject not defined by the limits of social settings. Our fashion creations became individualised. These creations were shared on social media, which created a new vibe in the fashion scene. All creations with all influences were shared amongst each other with no boundaries or rules as we were used to in a traditional social setting.

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Intermarket Collaborations

This eventually leads to new cross-border collaborations, where high end meets street or sports meets haute couture. This is in contradiction to the labels that until now only served a specific market.

Labels that were previously only focussed on one market, can learn new expertise from other companies in different markets. Such as design, materials, functionality, and collection strategies. Stronger together while broadening each other's field of view.

This development of intermarket collaborations is one we will see in cosmetics, living, and also food.

Jacquemus X Nike

Prada X Adidas

Gucci X Adidas

Louis Vuitton X the American streetwear brand Supreme in 2017.