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Just 5 Ingredients

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Report 48 / 2021-11-30

Just 5 Ingredients

Just 5 Raw Materials

In the last few decades, the raw material industry was dominated by advanced innovations, high tech, complex and unique raw materials. It was never enough, just like the economy, never too sophisticated or exclusive. We were practically inventing needs and desires in our customers to accommodate a new material with a new function. We were trying to turn niche markets into mass markets.

Corona has accelerated us towards a more sustainable, balanced, healthy, and less complex life. We are dealing with an economic recession on top of that. We are entering a new decade where we are drifting from unique, advanced raw materials that we hoped would become mass marketable. The starting point for development and innovation in raw materials will take a full 180.

Just 5 Ingredients

The user of care products has become more and more conscious about the waste and pollution that comes with consumption.

The new focus is not just about consuming less products in general, it also means choosing products with fewer unnecessary ingredients. If the list of ingredients is too long or has unwanted ingredients, the product will be a no go. Less ingredients on the back of a product also means the conscious user will be able to scan your ingredients list more quickly. The potential buyer can take one glance and realise your product has no unnecessary or unwanted raw materials added to it.

We are already used to consumers avoiding specific ingredients that they do not wish to eat or apply to their skin. Just like scanning the back of food products to look at the ingredients that someone might wish to avoid, we will start to see the same in care products and cosmetics. This will become a habit for consumers in all levels of the market.

Focussing on just 5 ingredients for products means a new mindset, a new starting point for researchers, developers, and marketeers in the raw material industry to set their development strategy on. The raw material industry must find new ways to add the best functional qualities to a single ingredient to ensure landing on that short list of ingredients. Product developers must make a product work correctly and still stand out from the crowd without adding complex, advanced raw materials that have unnecessary functions.

Business opportunities within a small list of ingredients: Local

The world is often seen as one big international market. Using less raw materials means going back to the bare necessities, that focuses on local habits and wishes towards raw materials. Every culture has their traditional unique materials. Base your materials on the traditions and culture of the local area to ensure local, thus cleaner, production. Think in countries or even regions as opposed to international markets.

Compone your materials based on the wishes and traditions of the people to ensure your company acts on a local level, even when based internationally. Make it a clever, thought out addition to your short list of ingredients.

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