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Report 18 / 2021-05-04

Local Food - Local Fashion - Local Cosmetics

Buying local produce for sustainability reasons has been a big movement we have seen in the food industry during the last five years. Local production is often more sustainable and cuts down on transport and processing emissions.

During the coronavirus pandemic there has been a big increase in local production and sales. With big production and transport chains suffering, local produce was often more available. Not only that, but supporting local businesses has become a big incentive for new customers too.

This high increase in appeal to local food will carry over into fashion and cosmetics too. As we are more in tune with our local environment, we will start to feel the need to express ourselves connected to a local look as well.

History is of course full of inspiration, as dressing locally was the only way to dress for thousands of years. Only in the last few decades, we have seen ‘international fashion’ as an idea.

Just imagine the visual results of this new movement that has just started! A whole new pallet of styles, packaging, and marketing. Tune into this as a fashion or cosmetic label as soon as possible. This is a true opportunity in ‘The World After’ that can generate a lot of revenue.

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