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Men Color Cosmetics

The future trend of men's cosmetics is coming up so strongly that it’s almost mainstream already. It goes hand in hand with Skirts For Men which is really hitting hard, with male lingerie being the next step. Cosmetics, skirts, and lingerie go from a ‘girls-only’ thing to all genders.


Throughout history, cosmetics for men have widely been accepted as normal. As early as 4000 BCE, men used black pigment to create eyeliners. For many years after, cosmetics for men remained in our culture as tribal paint, war paints, and decoration. Even though everyone has the notion that cosmetics are female only, history proves it wrong.

Now is just a spot on the timeline

The time we live in right now is only a very small spot on the human timeline. We are in between the past and the future. Taking history into consideration, we can conclude that the idea of cosmetics being female-only is abnormal. Realising this makes it indisputable that men’s cosmetics are coming; In fact, it’s coming back.

Image Credits @Young_Emperors


The future trend of men’s cosmetics is pushed by a wider trend of feminization. Corona has made us all softer and more spiritual, to put it roughly: More feminine. At the same time women have become more accepted in high business positions and politics. It’s been accepted that women are no longer caretakers of children but independent, working adults. This means that men have taken over traditionally feminine tasks as a couple shares their householding duties. Instead of women becoming more masculine, we see men becoming more feminine. This has established itself as cosmetics, skirts, and lingerie for men.

Genderless Products

A blur between the line of men and women has also given rise to ‘the third gender’ or a neutral gender. Less people associate themselves with a gender, and more are starting to feel certain items or traditions are pointlessly gendered. This leads to a genderless shopping consumer. Creating genderless cosmetics can be the ultimate method to breakthrough the seemingly unreachable men’s cosmetics market.

Product Concepts

These products focus themselves on men, and how they have been brought up in the past. Due to social norms, men have little experience with cosmetics, especially compared to women. Their colour palette is also still locked in the masculinity of the past, with a focus on subdued colours and darker shades.



by The Lady in Blu


Jelly eye patches that refer back to a masculine background with sharp shapes and a dark colour. Jelly eye patches have a refreshing and relaxing sensation.

BASF Product Info: The unique solid jelly texture is created with the plant based and biodegradable Hydagen and Rheocare XGN. Download BASF technical sheet for Men Color Cosmetic below Peel - Off Cosmetic



These easy-to-use Peel-Off eyeliners and Peel-Off face stickers are the perfect solution for men who are into color cosmetics, but have no experience in application compared to women. These stickers give the perfect decoration and require no application knowledge. After drying, a non-sticky robust film stays on the skin in the form of an eyeliner or face decoration. They are easy to remove by peeling off the stickers.

BASF Product Info: This unique peel-off makeup is created with the plant based and biodegradable Hydagen and Rheocare XGN.

Download BASF technical sheet for Men Color Cosmetic products here.

BASF technical download sheet
Download PDF • 298KB


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