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Mix & Match: Freedom

fashion - cosmetics

Future Trend Report 04 / 2021-01-26

Corona has fucked everything up. It’s thrown a spanner in the works and caused a horrible mess for everyone involved. Politics are in shambles, consumers are isolated and unguided. It’s the beginning of a new age, and there are no rules yet. The World after is a blank page that we can start to shape right now. Everything is allowed, the old business traditions are blown away by the virus.

Image Credits @miumiu

Companies, especially those involved in fashion, are in a world of trouble. Dead stock, unsold collections, everybody knows. The new variants of the coronavirus are causing renewed and often stronger lockdowns all over the globe. Stores are closing again and fashion on the shelves is left to ‘rot’. The tradition of an annual collection or even a winter and summer collection is illogical in a time like this.

On the blank page of The World After we can begin to combine these elements to create a new set of rules to play by, a new mindset to submerge ourselves in. Ditch the concept of the annual collections and create a new opportunity to survive by combining pre-existing elements into a retouched collection or sell it as styled sets: Mix & Match. Launch when your time is there; no need to adhere to a fixed fashion calendar.

Mix & Match: RESTYLE

Consumers in lockdown are wearing more daring combinations of clothing, made up by whatever they have in their wardrobes. Even strange combinations of presentable tops for business meetings combined with pyjama pants are defining fashion during lockdowns. There is a complete freedom when styling items, it’s not directed by trends set by the companies. They have already gotten used to the concept of Mix & Match.

This gives labels the opportunity to sell their dead stock as sets. Mix & Match in signature styling; selling your items as one set to create a sense of security for the consumer. Mix and match different items to inspire your consumer and create a signature styling combination of your brand.

Mix & Match: RETOUCH

Create a routched collection by combining items you have on hand. Cut things up to make one item from two, or add new elements like embroidery, the new opportunities are endless. Free your mind and use the creativity to survive as a company.

By retouching and restyling dead stock we can circumvent issues of supply and keep down the waste, both monetary and ecologically.

In cosmetics we can mix around components and experiment with the things we have. Sustainable solutions that will be appreciated by the consumers, as corona catalyzes their move towards sustainable clothing and cosmetic needs.

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Published April 9th 2010

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