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Mixed hotels

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Future Trend Report 12 / 2021-03-23

It’s time for hotels with mixed socio-economic classes. High end and low end hotels are traditionally always separated. A rich businessman longs for the new fresh perspective of the younger generation, while the younger generation might want to ask about creating a business. We can all learn from each other no matter how rich or poor we are and no matter what age difference we have.

In the app Clubhouse, we already see a longing for connection between different socio-economic classes. In the app, young people are meeting with the bigshot businessmen, having discussions about life and business alike. Reflecting to each other about life and empowerment. During corona we realise that everyone is struggling and many of us struggle with the same things deep down inside, whether you’re rich or poor. Now more than ever, everyone needs a connection.

Mix hotel rooms with different price levels together throughout the hotel and create a central lounge where all classes can meet. Get rid of the old-fashioned system of ranking hotels with stars and create a new experience for everyone involved.

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