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No nature...Create it

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Signal 15 / 2021-04-08

Create Nature

The desire to be connected with nature has grown exponentially during the lockdowns, whether it be outside, in a garden, a balcony, or even in the city.

Even if you don’t have any nature around, create it!

For living, this entails:

Houseplants, murals of greenery, wallpapers, create your favourite spot of nature wherever you are.

Image Credits: 01 @studiojobofficial 02 @piet_hein_eek 03 Unknown 04 ABCbehang 05 @piet_hein_eek 06 Unknown

And for cosmetics:

Moving away from the black box packaging. Express nature and its colours as a marketing tool.

Image Credits: All by @TheLadyinBlu

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