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Overtake of traditional Press


Report 21 / 2021-05-25

First-hand information gathered on social media is starting to overtake the traditional press. More and more news is spread through the people you follow, and their opinion is starting to matter too. The speed of news through social media is faster and easier to access than traditional news media. As the same news is shared through both channels, the one that reaches the reader first will win the battle.

Traditional press has to be careful about voicing a strong opinion too, which can turn away readers as they increasingly search for stronger opinions. It’s easy to select the people we follow based on opinion, and the social media algorithm helps us to stay there. We could see this trend before corona, but the political discussions based on the coronavirus lockdowns have accelerated this rapidly.

Just as paper press has made way for online press, the online press will make way for a modern version of decentralized news being spread through social media, new specialized platforms, and podcasts. Being aware of this change means being able to play into the right market. Advertising ‘without content’ through traditional channels like TV, for example, may have much less influence than advertisement with content through social media or podcasts. Spreading relevant information in new channels can be the right boost for your business.

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