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Parent’s Day

Future Report 026, 2022-06-28

General, fashion, cosmetics

It’s clear to us that the third gender is an accepted concept in this day and age. Cosmetics, fashion, and accessory labels are addressing the third gender visually when presenting their collection. We also see inclusion of the third gender in more tangible things like public genderless bathrooms.

Despite the inclusion of the third gender, old fashioned traditions are being used without thought in our marketing campaigns. Without realising this excludes the third gender. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are obvious examples. With the rise in acceptance of gay marriage and their children, third parents, and especially the third gender, there has to be a move to Parent’s Day marketing.

This day can mark a unique opportunity to rise above the rest of the companies who are ignorantly sticking to their Father’s/Mother’s Day marketing. It’s a true step towards an inclusive future for your company. The future is Parent’s Day, and the first companies to start pushing this day can expect a wave of sympathy.

The Future

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The Future Image Credits Unknown

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