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Peaceful animals

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Signal 018 / 2020-08-19

With corona lockdowns in full swing, people are spending more time at home and in nature. Visiting gatherings or even cities can be inconvenient or impossible at times, depending on restrictions and lockdown situations. Not only will this have an effect on the way we view plants and the earth, it will also play into our love for animals.

Aggressive animals. Image credits : 01 Diamond emerald and sapphire panther pin. Cartier Paris 02 @annakarinkarlssoneyewear

In the past, we have seen rampant use of aggressive animals in fashion and accessories. Cartier has its panther, and more recently the eyewear by Anna-Karin Karlsson. In ‘The World Before’ peaceful animals were seen as frumpy and not serious. We will start to see a change in this sentiment.

Aggressive animals. Image credits: Kilian

With large economic downturn on the horizon, and the threat of the virus still looming and alive, we can be sure that the situation concerning the virus will have a long term impact. As we seek comfort in these times, peaceful animals will take the same frontline stage as the aggressive ones.

Now, we will start to confide in the peaceful and innocent animals. Beautiful birds, the calm and cute, will knock the mighty leopards, cougars, and panthers from the throne.

Peaceful animals. Image credits: Image credits: 01 3D print concept eyeshadow by @theladyinblu 02 A10 Gooiseweg, near Rozenburglaan and Weesperzijde on the bicycle road near 03 @pietboonbonaire 04 unknown

Peaceful animals. Image credits 01 @margrietpanting with @pollydepoedel Outfit by Re Love Fashion picture by @theladyinblu 02 @pollydepoedel

Peaceful animals. Image credits 01 @margrietpanting with Jimmy 02 Jimmy by @theladyinblu

Peaceful animals.@tylerjoe

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