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Rain Bonnets & Scarfs


Signal 40 / 2021 - 10 - 07

Image Credits 01 & 02 unknown

The oh-so frumpy and dowdy transparent rain bonnet is making a comeback. Once so old-fashioned and now totally making a return. Combined with head scarf trends this will result in:

  • Transparent rain bonnets

  • Transparent rain scarves

  • Prints for both

For the moment this just applies to female fashion, but it can be an interesting idea to push them into a male market.


  • Now that the scarf is hot and happening, there’s room for a transparent rain bonnet in the fashionable scene.

  • Rainwear in fashion has been accepted for years now

  • Transparent rain covers and handbag covers are a hot item

To do:

  • Make sure it’s not disposable!! Re-usable is perfect.

  • Go nuts on design, shape, piping, lining, or prints

Image Credits 01 & 02 unknown

Image Credits01 DIY La Maison Victor 02 Unknown

Image Credits 01 Unknow 02 @Yyoung_emperors 03 @chanel 04 Unknown

Image Credits 01 & 02 Unknown

Image Credits 01 & 02 Unknown

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