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Re-Love Living

Report 047, 2022-11-22

Living, sustainable

Re-use, re-touch, and re-pair

The second hand fashion market is booming. Fashion resale platforms are popping out of the ground everywhere. Vintage stores are in every city, and prices are rising too. Re-use and re-touch is thé hot thing of 2022 driven by a passion for sustainability and the economic recession.

The interior market is still behind in this, but it will be next. Of course, interior items are everywhere on second hand platforms but there are no dedicated platforms for this yet like Vinted, Vestiaire Collective, or the RealReal.

There are always downsides though. Interior items are often hard to move, and can be very fragile as well. But we have to realise that this never stood in the way of the antiques trade either. Also more smart solutions will present themselves from the logistics branch, as startups that invest in interior will have the cash to spend on a good solution. They see an opportunity. See also the antique market as an inspiring example. It is also re-sale! In this marked there are also transport solutions. It proves it is possible.

Vintage fashion had its downsides too, in the beginning. Just a few years ago it was deemed as something not possible. Too difficult, a lack of structure, too dirty, etc. Businesses often used the term ‘not commercially viable’. The opposite is true right now in 2022.

The broad market of Living

The market of Living is very broad, from functional furniture to bits of the home that straddle the border between art and design. Re-used bed sheets are often a forgotten item too, but we love it! An item that can directly chase the popularity of vintage fashion. Carpets, lamps, vases and cutlery are all functional but have their retro and vintage value too. As the market grows, big items such as sofas and cabinets will follow as well.


Online platforms dealing with second hand furniture could also specialise in local business. Think of holiday destinations, where houses are often switching hands, but importing furniture is difficult. Having a grip on the local second hand market here can be key to thriving your business.

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