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Refill Colour Cosmetics


03, 2022-01-18

Cosmetics, Sustainable

The future often reveals itself by a combination of factors; Current developments in your own industry, as well as in other industries. This is in combination with new opportunities brought forward by technological developments.

Image Credits: Vintage Lipstick at the Makeup Museum in New York City

Image Credits: Wiesner Miami Powder Compact Mother Pearl full

Nowadays the future is often more logical than the present.

We live in a crazy over-consuming society with weird habits that have slowly become normal. However, we often are scared to let go of the present because it seems normal to us. Change is inherently a thing people fear. The future often carries changes that seem logical but challenge our present world views. Some of the things we do are very illogical but are seen as ‘just the way it is’ and ‘standard’. Once you realise this standard way of doing things is just a small moment in time, there is room for innovation. Room to do what now is viewed as ‘different’ but may make more sense than people blinded by a fear of change realise. Therefore, change is not always as risky as it might seem. Even though we may be afraid to let go of the past, the future is going to change.

Refill Colour Cosmetics

A conventional lipstick holder weighs about four times as much as the actual lipstick it holds. We throw away the holder after using it, even though it can often be a nicely designed holder made from quality materials. In the case of eyeshadows and blushes, we throw away the box including the mirror! And this is not because the lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow is an integral part of the holders. The holders and products are made separately only to be combined at the very end of the production process.

It makes no sense to waste an entire holder every time we buy a new product. It’s just an illogical and polluting mentality that has become the norm over time. We can easily switch to refillable holders, which can be filled with the exact same product in a conventional way. No new techniques, just a new and renewable mindset.

Vintage Refill Inspiration

Looking back in history it shows us that refilling has always been the norm. Vintage holders show desirable and durable holders that are often high quality and highly personal. It’s a luxury item meant to live a long life and be refilled multiple times. Only in recent decades have we switched to one-use holders. The switch back to refillable is easy and logical.


Re-use is one of the main themes in the fight against pollution. Sustainable production is still production, therefore it is still pollution. Disposable items should be on your blacklist.

Looking at our business-neighbours, the fashion industry, we learn that re-use concepts had a lot of resistance at first. It is now however completely being picked up by all the major players and incorporated in all business models. Re-use and vintage in fashion is one of the hottest topics, but when fashion companies were first presented with this idea they dismissed it. It was deemed impossible and non-commercial.

Customization / 3D Printing Technology

3D printing is an excellent upcoming production process that can be used for refillable and custom cosmetic holders. Customize a customer's product to their exact specifications and print it on the spot. Production one-by-one, or print to order, means less waste, no risk of dead stock, and it can easily be connected to a local production plant in order to save on shipping costs and shipping times. The design process could be fully integrated into an online service.

Image Credits: 01 Collection Cooper Hewitt Black enamel with lapis lazuli gold and diamonds with fitted mirror, powder compartmentement and removable rouge holder, 02 Collection Cooper Hewitt 03 Wiesner Miami Powder Compact Mother Pearl full 04 Unknown 05 Collection Cooper Hewitt 06 Van Cleef & Arpels, Art Deco 18K Platinumand black enamel gem set Paris Circa 1925

Image Credits: 01Unknown 02 Unknown 03 Vintage powder Blush Mirror Compact 04 Vintage powder Blush Mirror Compact 05 Bourjois 06 Unknown pre 1930

Image Credits: 01 Vintage Lipstick at the Makeup Museum in New York City 02 Vintage Lipstick at the Makeup Museum in New York City 03 Unknown 04 Cartier Vintage Gold Watch Lipstick Brooch 05 Unknown 06 Unknown

Video Credits: 2amazingvideo_ok

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