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Self Education

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Report 25 / 2021-06-22

Self Education is taking over the traditional universities and colleges.

During corona lockdowns, everyone had more time than usual for online self education. High level online education programs were developed by colleges, universities, and independent experts. Even Harvard offered free online education for those in quarantaine.

As a result we have gotten access to some of the best programs of its kind all from the comfort of our home. Subject matter or intensity of the course plays no part, all are available. With this change, universities and colleges are becoming less needed in society. The student can reach out to the best experts directly. Vice versa, experts don’t need colleges or universities to directly interact with students. With all these offerings, why go to an average local college?

The first institutions to suffer are average local colleges and universities, as their quality is improved upon by online schools. The best schools are suddenly available and students will choose expert online teachers over mediocre local teachers. Students and teachers alike have no strict need for these local schools anymore.

There will always be exceptions for top of the line universities, as they carry with them their prestige and quality. Their main function will change as they turn into the suppliers of online education. Their expertise allows them to dictate the right curriculum for their students, as their long standing reputation of quality ensures a client base. The role of the university will change to personal coaching and becoming an intermediary between student and future job market. Those that develop and change with time into the right role will make it, other universities who keep up their historical purpose will struggle.

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