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Skirts for Men: Investment List

Fashion, Cosmetics

Report 37 / 2021-09-14



- Skirt companies

- Kilt companies

- Handbag companies

- Socks / Pantyhose companies


- Skirts for Men

- Skirts general neutral

- Kilts

- Skirts with pockets


- Handbags for men

- Socks and pantyhose for men


Seek corporations and designers that are invested in skirts for men already.

The story of Skirts for Men has two sides to it: Those who are established in the skirts market will experience growth, while those in pants need to be careful that their share of the market isn’t going to get scooped up. Companies that are in both have to readdress their position and move accordingly. The sooner this happens, the better, as the market is open terrain. First come, first serve.

Expanding Market

The market is expanding for skirts labels and producers. They can double their market share in theory by selling to men as well, instead of women only. Seek connections with designers and corporations who are already into skirts for men. Be ready for the change in the market and dive in.

Protecting Market

Those specialized in pants have to be very wary of their market share and protect it at all costs, because a large share of their male consumers will switch to skirts in the near future. The jeans industry in particular must get a move on, as skirts made from jeans material will work perfect for men. The kilt is already an accepted skirt for men, which a stiff and durable fabric is perfect for. Seek connections with designers and corporations who are already into skirts for men. Be ready for the change in the market and dive in.


Extra: Skirts with pockets. The modern woman has always struggled with clothing that doesn't come with pockets. Even if Chanel has focussed on this issue, and made the pockets in their jackets into a trademark design feature, pockets are often hard to find. Skirts especially often come without pockets. Men are already used to pockets, so the demand for pockets gets combined into both men and women.

Related Products / Accessoires

The upswing of skirts for men causes accessories to move in tandem. Because skirts often lack pockets, the culture around skirts heavily relies on handbags. Combined with a feminization in society, this means that there will be a social acceptance for men with skirts and a handbag. With a bit of exaggeration this means the handbag market will double.

Skirts in winter are often combined with long socks and pantyhose. This results in a growth in the market for socks and pantyhose as men will pick them up too. It’s a perfect item for social media: Male legs, a skirt, and a great pair of socks. The effect is great and the styling possibilities are endless. Stand out! Test the new male market: what pantyhose and socks do they prefer?

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