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Sustainable production is like mayonnaise light

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Report 030 / 2020-09-21

Sustainable production is like mayonnaise light. It’s a fake solution to a bad habit, and will not change your health for the better.

The most effective solution against the pollution of our planet is to simply consume and produce less goods. For this to happen, we can’t simply substitute a bad habit, we have to change it. To tackle the climate change crisis and create a sustainable living situation we have to rethink our outlook on consumption and production.

The fashion industry is polluter number 2 in the world. We consume way more clothing than we actually need. The only way to stop pollution is to consume and produce less. A sustainable production method helps, but it is not the solution. Does that mean we have to stop caring about fashion? Absolutely not. Buying new clothes is not the only way to enjoy fashion.

We can re-think, re-use, re-touch, re-style, re- pair and re-peat fashion. Wearing something you’ve already worn before will become socially acceptable as we look for new ways to fight climate change. During the coronavirus lockdowns we repeated our outfits more often, and realised the only negative connotation to it is the lack of social acceptance. As this will change, we are one step closer to a real climate change solution for the fashion industry.

This causes a total turnaround on the way we’ve run our businesses this far. Not only the fashion industry will be affected, this concept will change everything. It is important to take your time and think about the impact this has on your business. However, there are solutions to embrace the trend and help fight climate change. Rethinking our business models is key, as consumers will lose interest in companies that do not adjust.

Solutios for designer labels in the fashion and interior business are:

Re-selling dead stock. see Report 006 - Dead Stock Solutions,

Re-selling vintage from your own label

Re-touching and re-selling vintage from your own label


Re-Peat Fashion @theladyinblu and @laurareijling who is exactly 1/2 the age of The Lady in Blu wearing the same clothes.

Sub themes: Re-Use, Re-Touch and Re-Style Fashion.

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