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Two Worlds

Future Report 019, 2022-05-10

Digiutal Space

Living in just one world is history. The current generation is the last living generation that will memorize life without a digital space. Whether to accept the digital space or not is a discussion now, but within time this dialogue will be seen as laughable.

We can see how essential and inevitable the acceptance of digital space is by looking at the introduction of mobile phones into our lives. A large number of people were not convinced they would ever start using a mobile phone. You don’t have to go back far in time to hear these kinds of discussions about mobile phones, or even online shopping. Companies that did not believe online shopping was going to take off have since changed their mind or gone out of business.

The digital space will become an inevitable part of business life. Accepting this and seeing the exciting opportunities it presents is the start of flourishing in these unique times. Exciting but difficult: A market where a lot of money goes around, and many millionaires were created in an extremely short time. NFT and crypto traders, investing opportunities, digital property and digital fashion (labels) that become widely known, it’s a sudden worldwide phenomenon. Even traditional fashion labels are starting to jump in, sometimes in collaboration with young entrepreneurs. Visual developments are evolving rapidly inside the metaverse. Fashion, accessories, and cosmetics mix inside of the metaverse: They become Digital Wearables.

The digital world exists, no longer just for gamers and techies. It’s become a serious form of business with a lot of value being traded. It exists, but at the same time it’s not yet defined. There is room for fantasy and creativity. The perfect opportunity to be creative and create business from digital trade, and digital design, or to start new companies and labels.

There are no rules yet. The digital space allows for room to experiment, be creative, and discover what works for your company. There is still room to make mistakes right now, so jump in before the digital space is more defined and the room for errors grows smaller. The growing digital world and growing web 3.0 allows your company to grow simultaneously. Become a key player in the future of the digital space and become the business that sets the rules.


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