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Where is the money Part 1

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Report 11 / 2021-03-23

Knowing future trends means knowing where future money is located.

Why do we want to know the future?

We want to know: Where is the money? Where are the business opportunities?

Looking at the future can tell us a lot, but it’s often difficult. There is a pitfall inherent in many of us where we believe in the status quo of today. The way things are right here and right now can often seem like how things will always be.

Changing Time

Once we realise that the normality of the past is not the same as today, we begin to realise today’s normality is different from tomorrow’s normality as well. We are ever-evolving and today is only a very small dot on the massive timeline of our lives. The timeline is constantly shifting and moving in morals and values, things that are ‘normal’, and how we interpret our lives.

Changing Place

Our cultures are still quite different, and it becomes especially apparent when looking at details of our daily lives. The status quo of the place you live in can be quite different from the status quo of a neighbouring culture. Moving your mind into different cultures signals that normality is just a local concept.

Where is the money?

Once you understand that the status quo, normality, can change you can tap into the future and use it to generate business and money. Use the future to see where new opportunities are and don’t let today’s normality keep you from exploring new chapters.

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